Thursday, December 4, 2014

If i won the lottery

Lottery is like Snapchat! At some point in your life you have thought about giving it a chance and every time you don't win anything you feel sad an betrayed like someone has just screenshoted your "after sex" snap. Yes that's actually a thing because this world loves to make sad and lonely people feel good about themselves...
But anyways, and like any other Snaprayed person (oh Jesus... I'm really sorry) you will plan for that day when that 47 years old, still on myspace active man with pink socks sends you an "I'm not going to write it again" snap, what will probably never happen but you still think about it right? And that my friends was "winning the lottery explained in a very uncomfortable way". And now I some how don't want to win the lottery anymore because seriously who wants to receive a snap from a pervert 47 years old man?!

So here are my revenge plans:

Buying "the Empire Hotel" in NY:
I don't even know i just really like Chuck Bass!

Buying a Lamborghini:
I want to be the first man with a Lamborghini  Who still can't get girls!

Paying Drake for one night:
No no not like that! I'm just obsessed with his music right now... And I want to touch his hair! Don't even...

Making my own episode of the Road runner:
Where Coyote finally gets to eat chicken. Now you understand why I can't get girls!

Starting my own shoe brand:
Don't even try to pretend you wouldn't do the same!

Buying Google:
If I some how manage to get a couple billion more I will buy Google or at least most of it. But not because of the income but because of all the blessings and love! Everyone loves Google, that is a fact and who knows maybe somewhere in the world you can impress a girl with a Lamborghini and Google. Even if I am the guy who is trying to impress. Never lose hope! And don't worry I will get rid of Google+. You're welcome humanity!

And... Making this world a better place:
Even if it sounds corny, this has been something that I always wanted to do and I know that someday I will give a huge amount of money to my loved ones and to the people who need it because it has been my childhood dream and I really love to look into people's eyes when they're happy.

Stay classy


  1. Hmm, all of these are really awesome reasons for winning the lottery (hey! You're not the only one that wants to see Wile E. Coyote finally get the roadrunner!). But I'd change the lamborghini to a Camaro (camaros rule! And so does bumblebee!!). And I'd change the getting girls to getting guys...Cause well...I'm not a guy. :P
    -Keep blogging

  2. Oh, and I get exactly what you mean about seeing people happy, especially when're the one that caused for them to be happy!!! I hope you get to live your dream really really soon.
    - Keep blogging
    - A