Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Hunger Games (Saturday 22 nov.)

Hello you beautiful people
today i decided to finally do something different... so I went out! You know I met like new people and stuff. This is a huge thing for an internet obsessed person like me. I'm not productive as you might have already noticed but if I somehow get myself out of the house I will become the Chuck Norris of the streets. The swag-dope master of the streets. at least that's how I see it but that's probably not the case.
Me and my friends decided to go and see The Hunger Games : Mockingjay part 1 (kinda in love with the name) and even though I pretty much did everything but actually watch the movie I really liked it. The Hunger Games is like Harry Potter. You just can't hate the boy who lived. But the part one thing is really starting to piss me off. I mean what the hell man. Harry Potter I'm never gonna forgive you for starting this part one trend thing. If you want to show me a film then show me the whoooollleee film I don't want the film to end exactly where it gets emotional and then wait a year to see the rest when I forget the first part. I mean I don't even know what I had for lunch anymore. We are the LTE generation we can't wait one year for a film to come out. Well I guess it's not such a big deal because I didn't understand anything anyway... but I reblogged like five billion pictures on Tumblr while I was "watching" the film... And yes I am one of those annoying kids in the movie theater, sorry humanity (or cinema, god save the queen!). I realized something today on tumblr though. I kinda have the feeling that people are getting way too sad and serious about life these days. I'm not going to give you some perfect emotional quotes. This is not the instagram page of Nike but come on people take it easy this world is not worth it. Just live your life the way that makes you happy and try to make other people happy because the only thing this world needs is a group hug... And pizza of course... I had pizza for dinner... It was amazing.

Stay beautiful

Friday, November 21, 2014

The beginning of everything (Friday 21 nov.)

So today we finally got our life back. We recently moved to a new place and damnnnn... It was hard work man even though my father did everything, I got tired like a bear in winter! But today I didn't really "accomplish" anything. Don't get me wrong I plan something for every second of my life but I never say I will actually do the thing because I know I'm not going to. I mean I really love being active, you know like some "just do it" stuff, but when it's time to actually "just do it" I'm like Ben & Jerry is love, Ben & Jerry is life! I'm just the perfect person to write a Blog I guess. Oh well if you are reading this then congratulations you just read my first post on this Blog. Everybody has a blog these days so I was like yolo I don't have a life anyway.
Ps. Don't hate me for saying yolo, someone has to do it :]

Stay Beautiful